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Is a clean radar picture a clear radar picture? (清晰的雷達)

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A harbour tug was moving through the water. A small sampan was crossing and riding on the bow wave of the tug.

It can be agreed that the height of the bow wave shown in the photo is as much as those of the sampan. The bow waves also present suitable surfaces to reflect radar pulses. As well, sea water has a high reflective rate. It is as good as steel. In contrast, the fiber-glass sampan reflects radar energy rather poorly. It could be difficult to pick up by radar.

It can be suggested that the sampan will not be visible on a radar screen if the bow wave is not visible. The signals reflected by the sampan will be suppressed if the signals reflected by the bow wave are suppressed.

Should bow waves or ship wakes be seen on a radar screen? Could radar screen a clean screen if bow waves and ship wakes of the nearby moving vessels are detected? Is a clean radar picture a better radar picture?






Written by Bruce Chun

June 1, 2010 at 20:52

Posted in Radar Operation

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